Complete Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is necessary when concrete floors have areas of sunken or buckled concrete which are due to the effects of settling, expansion/contraction due to weather changes, stress cracking, erosion damage, etc.

B & F Foundation Repair offers a service using our unique B & F Jacking System to raise sunken slabs and foundations installing a tub & underpinning bracket leaving the repair permanently installed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Professional Services Include:

Jacking tube with underpinning bracket prior to installation. View of driver assembly showing final driven tub ∧ bracket at base of foundation.

B & F Underpinning Jack In Use. Steel strap installed
to hold foundation together while hydraulic ram lifts corner.

Structural Foundation Inspection

B & F Foundation Repair LLC can provide you with a detailed structural foundation inspection so you can be fully informed and prepared for your eventual decision regarding your foundation needs.

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B & F Jacking System?

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