Expert Basement Wall Repair

Basement Wall Repair is necessary when you find walls that lean or tilt or are buckled or bowed.

Foundation wall problems can become apparent when you find doors or windows that stick or don't open/close correctly, cracks in house walls or exterior/interior walls or ceilings, chimneys, porches, etc.

B & F Foundation Repair will provide you with a complete assessment of your particular needs, design a remedial program to restore the integrity of your foundation system and professionally & permanently repair your foundation walls with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Professional Services Include:

Existing view of bowed exterior walls causing separation at the corner.

Existing view of bowed interior walls causing 2" separation in middle. Installing jacking & wall members prior to strengthening

View of I-Beams attached to upper floor joists and anchored to basement floor.

Interior walls with strengthening wall members in place. Walls are powerwashed for mildew and coated with a finish plaster

Exterior with new rubber membrane, insulation & plastering after strengthening foundation wall.