Frequently Asked Questions
B & F Foundation Repair, LLC

Q: How do you straighten a foundation wall?
A: We utilize B & F's own Jacking System we have developed over years of experience.

Q: What process do you use?
A: We start a job where a wall is bowed or leaning, employ our special shoring, I-beam and jacking system and leave the wall flat, plumb and straight.
The Only Way We Do It Is The Right Way!

Q: How do you waterproof a crack in a concrete foundation wall?
A: We inject a polyurethane substance within and behind the crack which expands within the crack sealing it forever. All Work Is Done From The Inside.

Q: Is there a way to waterproof a foundation without digging it up?
A: Yes, by installing drain tile, sump pits and pumps from inside.

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